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Kung Consulting is an expert consulting for business leaders and private entrepreneurs on a wide range of economic, industrial, commercial and other issues to optimize business processes, increase profits and improve key performance indicators.

We have experience in organizing the supply of industrial and technical products from Turkey to other countries, as well as industrial equipment, components and consumables and spare parts

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1 We will help you to significantly reduce the costs and time of completing your enterprises with the necessary products. We cooperate directly with manufacturing plants. We provide an individual approach to best meet each client's needs.

2 We organize the production of products under your trademark in Turkey. Efficiency and price flexibility, reliability of supplies from Turkey, guarantee for replacement of products, qualified consultations are the primary tasks of our company.

3 We will help you to find a quality product and a reliable supplier in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

We stand ready to cooperate in any directions!

about us
Are you looking for a business partner in Turkey, other countries?

Kung Consulting Company will search for partners throughout Turkey and offer comprehensive support for import or export transactions.

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Do you want to place an order at factories in Turkey?

We have professional guide-interpreters and negotiators who speak Turkish in our staff.
We will place your orders at factories in Turkey; arrange wholesale deliveries and purchases;

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Are you looking for a supplier in Turkey?
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Do you want to export goods to Turkey?
That's wonderful!
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Our services

Kung Consulting provides the following services on continuing basis:
  • Services for the opening/closing of a company in Turkey and other countries: consultations on the main aspects of doing business in the above mentioned countries, choice of the legal form of the company, preparation of a full package of documents in accordance with the legislation of the countries where the business will be conducted, translation services.
  • Translation services (assistance of an interpreter in conducting business negotiations, at exhibitions, meetings at the airport, during a business program, notarization of translations).
  • Legal services: legal support of business, import-export transactions in Turkey and other countries, lawyer services, representation in courts, etc.
  • Management consulting: assistance in managing your company at the stage of staff formation, assistance in the selection and recruitment of personnel.
  • Accounting services: comprehensive accounting services, subscription accounting services.
  • Customs services on the territory of Turkey and other countries (organization of logistics and customs clearance).
  • Services for obtaining citizenship and permanent residence for persons starting a business or acquiring real estate in Turkey, assistance in obtaining a work permit.
  • Real estate services: selection of real estate in Turkey (purchase/sale), rental housing, solution of household issues (call a plumber, electrician, furniture purchase, etc.).
  • Organization of business programs in Turkey and other countries
  • Organization of educational and entertainment programs (seminars, trainings, visits to attractions, cultural institutions, etc.)
  • Certification of goods in Turkey and other countries
  • A wide range of marketing services: marketing research, search and expansion of sales markets, analysis of the competitiveness of goods or services in the market of Turkey and other countries.
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Advantages of cooperation with Kung Consulting


You entrust your business to the Kung Consulting professional team


We are available for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
You can call whenever it is convenient for you


The ability to solve any issues not being in Turkey

Who is suitable for Kung Consulting services?

Для желающих приобрести недвижимость в Турции

For people who want to buy real estate in Turkey

Для тех, кто хочет создать бизнес за рубежом

For those who want to create a business abroad (in Turkey and other countries)

Для мелких компаний

For small, including newly created companies that cannot keep a lawyer, accountant, marketer, foreign trade specialist, programmer on staff

Для бизнесменов

For businessmen who want to find partners in Turkey, other countries in order to enter new markets

Для желающих обучаться, работать в Турции

For those who wish to visit specialized exhibitions, congresses, seminars in Turkey

Saving money
profitable packages (tariffs)
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Individual approach
to every client
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More than 20 years
of professional experience
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Advantages of cooperation with Kung Consulting

Lawyer/marketer (purchasing/sales manager)/ accountant/certification specialist/foreign trade specialist Kung Consulting
The average salary of a lawyer/marketer (purchasing/sales manager)/ accountant/certification specialist /foreign trade specialist is in the other countries/Turkey 360 /657/800 dollars respectively Our company's tariffs are lower and there are more advantages
1 person 1 pair of hands respectively Dozens of qualified professionals cooperate with our company
Small customer coverage Coverage of a large number of industries
5-day 8-hour work week 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
More than 30% of the payment of taxes to the Insurance fund One-time package payment
Workplace, office equipment Workplace savings
No guarantee of the case Full warranty under the contract
Lack of authority and solutions Representation of interests in all public and private organizations
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Our business is based on the Chinese philosophy. The hieroglyph 功 Kung means masterfully executed work leading to success!

Our tariffs

Our tariffs JurLight JurStandard JurCombi
Oral or written consultation 15 20 No limits
Development of a strategy for litigation 0 0 3
Development of contracts 10 15 20
Conducting negotiations 0 0 10
Claim work 3 online 3 online 5 online
Checking the integrity of
10 15 20
Forms of documents on request 5 10 15
Legal consultation 0 0 1
Validity period of tariff 1 month 1 month 1 month
Cost of service 300 USD 500 USD 1000 USD
Tariff plan MarketLight MarketStandard MarketCombi
Oral or written request to find a supplier, buyer 5 7 No limits
Development of applications for the purchase or sale of products 2 3 7
Contract development, CMR translation, Invoice 3 5 10
Conducting negotiations 0 0 3
Customer service 3 online 3 online 5 online
Checking the integrity of suppliers/buyers 5 7 10
Forms of documents on request 3 5 10
Sales manager, foreign trade specialist consultation 0 0 1
Validity period of tariff 1 month 1 month 1 month
Cost of service 300 USD 500 USD 1000 USD

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